SwimmerJoe Show: Fitbloggers!

A with special episode with fitbloggers Katy Widrick, Meghann Anderson, and Julie Fagan.

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9 Responses to SwimmerJoe Show: Fitbloggers!

  1. Joe says:

    Awesome SwimmerJoe show guys! Great fitbloggers! See you guys out there training!

    Thanks Mealsandmiles, kwidrick, centralfltop5 and pbfingers.

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  4. we had a blast! thanks for such a fun night, joe! :)

  5. Meghann says:

    So much fun! Love the concept of the show and how chilled it was. I think we should get together and film out dinner conversations once a week. Who’s down? ;)

  6. Three of my favorite bloggers! I love it!! :)

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